John Rose

John Rose

John Rose is a Wellness Consultant and Food Research Scientist For the last 18 years, John has done extensive research in the field of nutrition and alternative healing, especially in the field of Juice Feasting. Juice Feasting is also known as Juice Fasting, but John prefers to call it a Feast because it is not about deprivation…it is truly a Feast!

John has Juice Feasted for a total of 795 days on 129 different occasions. His longest Juice Feasts have been for 90 days, 60 days, 43 days, and 6 for 30 days.

During all of his Juice Feasts, John has documented everything that went in and everything that came out of his 30 foot food tube. During his 90 day Juice Feast, John documented 45 pounds of “accumulated morbid waste matter” that came out of him and he lost a total of 20 pounds on the scale. John only had 5.8% body fat or ~9 pounds of total fat on his body, and yet he had over twice as much “un-eliminated waste matter” as he had fat on his body.

According to John, the more of this “waste matter” that comes out you the younger you will look and feel while most if not all of your illnesses and and ill-behaviors will disappear. By coaching thousands of people, John has seen numerous dis-ease symptoms disappear that our dis-ease treators claim are incurable. John says that doctors don’t know about these simple solutions simply because doctors do not study food and they are not taught one thing about the true healing of the body. This is why they have no solutions to most of our dis-eases and this is why we should stop accepting their explanations.

John has written, produced and hosted 8 cable TV shows…3 half hour shows and 5 one hour shows. John has also written, produced and hosted “The Ultimate Weight Loss Program” which is a 93 minute instructional video disguised as a weight loss program, viewed and implemented by tens of thousands. In reality, John’s instructional video is actually “The Ultimate Solution To Solve Most of Our Problems” because the cause to most of our problems has weight. “The Ultimate Weight Loss Program” has a total of seven Cleansing Programs and two Rebuilding Programs made up from fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herbs, and nutrient dense foods. At least 90% of John’s students start their journey for a better life with John’s most aggressive program, a Juice Feast.

John initially got into the weight loss industry 18 years ago when he perfected “The Diet Analyzer,” which is an extremely complicated step by step mathematical procedure to monitor caloric activity. With this procedure, John can prove mathematically how to lose fat. Two years into John’s research, he discovered a whole library of knowledge that they don’t teach to nutritionist and dietitians, let alone to doctors. Two years after that or 14 years ago, John did his first Juice Feast and discovered another component of weight besides fat that is the root cause to most of our illnesses and ill behaviors. This other component of weight is the residue from foods that are less than ideal.

John has appeared on numerous radio shows and on The Debra Duncan Show many times within the last few years. On his third apperance, the whole one hour show was devoted entirely for John and seven of his students.

John received a BBA in the science of money from SWTSU in 1976. Since money makes the world go around, John has been better trained as a scientist than doctors and biologists. Doctors do not study food nor do they study the concept of totality and biology is not an exact science.

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